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January 15, 2020

Clothing & Uniforms


Bring Clothing appropriate for the weather if we go out in the cold or wet.  There will be times that Practice plans change.  The coaches may announce going to the Weight Room, or classroom to watch video, or possibly even cancel practice.


The Athletes will be issued a Team Jersey Top and a Team Shorts.   These MUST be returned at the end of the season.  Athletes will not get awarded a Letter or other Awards if they have not turned in their issued Competition Uniform.   


The Booster Club will supply other clothing that the Athletes may keep forever if they remain on the Team throughout the season.


Athletes may want to wear compression shorts as they compete.  They may purchase these shorts on their own.   The only acceptable shorts for OUR North Hall Team is plain Black if worn all alone.   They cannot look like underwear - refer to picture below.   If the compression shorts are worn as underwear under the issued Track Shorts, then these shorts may be Black, White, or Green.


Athletes will want to have a Cross Trainer type of Shoe for Inside and Outside practices.  As Athletes get more aware of their events, they may want to purchase a Track Shoe that is styled for their event.   Athletes need to be careful to avoid heel bruises, shin splints, etc. as they practice.  If their legs or feet begin to feel "injured" Athletes need to inform the coaches - don't delay.