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Welcome to the 2018 Track & Field Homepage

Track Practice begins afterschool at the Track on Monday January 22nd.  Be sure all paperwork is in proper order so that you can participate.   The following people (initials only) do not have Physical & Parental Permission Forms for the Track Season:

GIRLS:  J.B.,   R.B.,    M.S.,   C.C.,    E.C.,   A.F.,   L.F.,   J.K.,    G.M.,    E.T.,    B.W.   2/3 of team

BOYS:   J.B.,   E.B.,    C.C.,    J.F.,    C.H.,   M.H.,   A.J.,   D.M.,   D.P.,    J.P.,    H.W.    1/4 of team



    1) Be Academically Eligible

    2) Have Health Insurance

    3) Have a current Physical & Parental Permission Form on file

    4) Have a current Concussion Awareness Form on file

    5) Have a current Parental Understanding of Heat & Humidity Form on file


Students planning to participate in Track must be sure that they are currently Eligible Academically.

 Students must also have a current and proper forms to be able to join the Track & Field Team.   Be sure that you have already turned in the following three forms:  1) Hall County Physical & Parental Permission Form;  2)  the Concussion Awareness Form, and 3) Parental Understanding of Heat & Humidity Form.

Here is a link to the required Physical & Parental Permission Form

Here is a link to the required Concussion Awareness Form

Here is a link to the required Parental Understanding of Heat & Humidity

If a student does not have Health Insurance then they MUST get insurance.   The Hall County School System offers Student Accident Insurance.   Here is a link to the School Insurance form   

Student Accident Insurance Form